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Gone are the days of going to your local bank branch for personal loans. Ruulio is the new kids are on the block and your personal loans or other personal finance loans just got a lot more convenient with our team.

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We offer a wide variety of business services catered to meeting the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. At Ruulio we understand the needs for businesses from funding to an online presence to the right partners. See what Ruulio can do for your small business today!


Our bankers know how many different aspects your personal finance life has. From weddings, to home improvements, college and beyond your personal finance needs are forever changing and growing. See how Ruulio can help
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From your small business to making sure you should not have lower monthly mortgage payments, we strive to provide solutions to the needs in your business and personal finance life.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Get A Mortgage Pre-Qualification

Shopping for a home before getting preapproved for a mortgage is the equivalent of walking into a grocery store without a wallet. Yet, many homebuyers don’t get a loan preapproval before the house hunt. So, what is a preapproval? For one, a preapproval is different...

How long does it take to close on a mortgage?

How long does it take to close on a house? According to loan software company Ellie Mae, it took 44 days to close a home purchase loan as of October 2017. This is the amount of time it takes from application to "loan funding" — which is when the home is officially...